PT Kristef Mega Sejahtera have constructed exceptional and impressive buildings designed by reputable architects and reliable structure engineers.

KRISTEF offer construction services to meet virtually every clients’ need. Whether building a new building, an addition to an existing building, Kristef have the project teams and knowledge to meet your goals.

KRISTEF was founded in 2002 and managed by experienced personnel used to work with reputable international construction companies having high quality standard and were as project managers.

KRISTEF have completed successfully the construction of luxury residences, warehouses & factories, superblock malls, school buildings and gymnasiums within Jakarta and Bali in cooperation with local and international consulting architects and engineers.

It is our motto that integrity and honesty in working together with clients and  their teams will bring successful project completion in cost, quality and time.


Kristef Mega Sejahtera is an award winning company with a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of contractor.